Who We Are

Who We Are

Funding Financial Freedom is a Sydney Based Mortgage Broker and Strategic Credit Advice Firm with a background in Financial planning. Whether it be your first home or a strategy to expand your property portfolio we empower home owners to create wealth through property, so that they can live a balanced happy life. We like making big ideas…simple!

Funding Financial Freedom is so much more than just a mortgage broking transaction, if you want to feel supported, empowered and excited around your finances you have come to the right place. Our Brilliance is providing perfect client possibilities.

How We Help You and why We are Different?

  • Empower you with a tailored strategy to suit your finance goals and provide a balanced life
  • Save you time, money and stress with full transparency and guidance over the confusing finance market.
  • Ensure you avoid costly mistakes by providing clear guidance on your property transaction and the right strategy and product customised for you.
  • Provide the right Finance structure for you and your situation to assist with the best savings and Safety nets for unforeseen life circumstances.
  • We are here for the long term and you, we provide Complimentary annual reviews to make sure you are on track.

99% of our business comes at no charge to our clients. 1% we do charge upfront fees for SMSF loans and Detailed Corporate and trust structures.

Our Affiliations

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